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Lisa Ulanoff : LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Specialist, SEP Somatic Experienced Practictioner 

I am a Psychotherapist who specializes in the gentle process of opening, discovery and release of trauma.

In working with your unique history, I help you find your own self regulation and self empowerment around areas in your life that trigger trauma symptoms, cause depression, anxiety, anger, obsessions, addictions or unwanted behaviors.

I create a safe space for clients to bring their issues and problems. Clients learn how to become intimate with the thoughts and feelings surrounding their issues. You will learn how to deeply experience yourself as you are, learn how to find a felt sense utilizing body sensations, learn to witness your thoughts and discriminate which ones support you, and access a deep calm, stillness and spaciousness within yourself.

Research has now revealed the plasticity of our brain; it is now more possible then ever, to re-train our brains. When we are able to access the the mind/body connection; our issues will inevitably begin to unravel in our nervous system. Feelings of calm, spaciousness, stillness, and a simple sense of just "being" becomes apparent.

I use a combination of Somatic Experiencing (, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),Psychodynamic Theory, Object Relation Theory, Attachment Theory,Studies of Neurobiology and Neuroscience, and the Theory and Practice of Buddhist Studies.

15 years of psychotherapy trainings Include: Licensed Mental Health Counseling LMHC, Certification in Somatic Experiencing SEP (, Certification in Core Energetics (Bio Energetics), Graduate of Developmental Trauma Studies via: Center for Intentional Living, Ten years studying the Diamond Approach (Buddhist studies).

Health First Insurance accepted

Office Location:

Manhattan: Two blocks from City Hall, two blocks from both East and West side trains: 2,3,R,4,5,6